Craftmaster Hardware is a value-add distributor of the worlds most sophisticated security hardware systems and components. They maintain relationships with global manufactures such as: ASSA ABLOY, Stanley BEST, MasterLock, Allegion and many more. The opportunity for marketing to contribute towards significant growth was crystal clear. Y Creative Group was retained and put to the challenge.

Y Creative Group implemented their proprietary strategic methodology – a process that identifies what we refer to as marketing DNA. A series of custom developed inquiries were utilized across the Craftmaster leadership team, sales representatives and customer base. Competitive analysis and industry research were also conducted. Learning from each segment was processed to extract unique strengths, customer reported values, competitive differentiation and potential industry trends that could accelerate market recognition and adoption of Craftmaster’s position and offerings. This resulted in Craftmaster’s compelling, expertly designed, and fully integrated brand communication.

The Craftmaster marketing program included the design and development of a content-rich and robust ecommerce website. Its growth is supported by a wide range of demand generation campaigns in key market segments, SEO, social media and targeted email marketing efforts.

Craftmaster’s value driven tagline, Solution Secured, not only accurately states their promise to customers; it reflects the success experienced in this client/agency relationship.

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