DPK Consulting is a professional land surveyor with an uncommon work ethic and fearlessness in adopting cutting-edge technology. Their success has driven a desire to reach new levels of growth by expanding current markets and introducing innovative solutions into new ones.

DPK’s marketing, as with many small businesses, was void of any strategy. Y Creative Group began by establishing a new DPK brand that would serve as a foundation for a complete marketing infrastructure.

Institutional communications were created to support investigation from targeted demand generation campaigns. These included a contemporary mobile responsive website, vertically focused services sheets, branded email signatures and social media pages.

Demand generation campaigns were uniquely designed and driven through carefully selected industry association groups. Sponsorships, advertising and point-of-sale communications introduced DPK’s differentiating position and new technologically advanced services. Customers also receive ongoing communications through a uniquely branded email marketing publication. This top-of-mind tactic ensures that DPK customers are in the know about new and high value solutions.

DPK marketing is now measuring up to the level of service and quality they provide.

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